LvL3 Druid Shifter *longtooth* (Female, 19yr, 4'10", 98lb) *Diety:Sephanine*


Born to the Alpha male of her longtooth shifter pack, Knoamy was destined to be the next in line to lead. However she was born much smaller than the other children in her group. She was also born with a rare coloring to her coat. The other members of the group all adorned fur of dark brown and black, she wore a coat of white with black tips at her ears and elbows. She was raised as an outcast among her own people, only being tolerated because of her parents’ clout. She was given a different name at birth which was mean to translate to “great and noble” which she cannot remember now, for at a young age the more outspoken members of the group would just refer to her as “Gnome-y”. The nick name stemmed from an ongoing joke that she must be part gnome to explain her size. She heard it everyday so she decided at one point to embrace it. When she was only a teenager, her parents were tragically killed defending the pack against a group of human hunters after the groups’ plentiful resources and hide for the winter. Her small stature allowed her to hide in a nook under the root of a tree as her parents fell helpless to the large number of assailants. Her pack emerged victorious, however given the absence of her parents, she was exiled from the rest and forced to fend for herself.

She was soon found by a group of elves who were kind enough to bring young Knoamy into their camp and care for her while she was so young and confused. They nurtured her love for nature, while teaching essentials such as hunting, Acrobatics and how to speak Eleven. As she was growing into adulthood, the elves would try and instill the same love that her parents once had for her. Unfortunately the trauma of seeing her parents murdered always loomed and made her slow to trust. But being a shifter by nature she always retained a pack mentality and would sometimes find her guard dropped to defend the people she was surrounded by.

Although in her mind she knows not all Humans are ruthless, nor are they responsible for her parents demise, she still looks at the race with slight distain and chooses not to associate or cooperate with any of them.

There is always an internal battle going on in her mind as far as when to trust and work as a team, and when to distance herself from people and places. Unfortunately this causes some people to look at her as unpredictable and be unsure of her motives or demeanor from day to day.

She prays to the Diety of Sephanine, the god of moon and autumn. Her strong sense of nature and perception draws her to the shadows, while her background keeps her neutrally good in nature. Her study and belief in Sephanine compels her to seek new adventures and conquer new horizons.


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