The Chalice of Light has been stolen and the armies of the dead are rising. In our first adventure the party was put together and sent on a quest to retrieve The Chalice of Light from the people that stole it, The party consists of Etrigan the dragonborn fighter, Morgasma the elven ranger, Wrenn the Eladrin wizard, Galadril the dwarven cleric, and Pankal Stickywinks the gnomish rouge. They have been sent out in place of the Earls best men who have been sent to investigate claims of a black dragon in the west. After looking over the chalice room it was determined that the chalice was stolen by a band of skeletons the same skeletons that killed the 2 guards that were posted outside to keep the chalice safe. After getting the information and visiting the city’s very short tempered cartographer they determined the best place to search for the chalice was in the crypt to the east about a day and a half march from the city. The party had to put up camp before making it to the crypt. During the night the part took watch shifts and on Morgasma and Pankal’s shift they were attacked by a bugbear. They dispatched the bugbear with little trouble and in the morning packed up camp and made their way to the crypt. Upon entering the crypt the party sees a large stone room with 7 coffins, the room was flanked with 3 coffins on each side and 1 centered against the back wall. Hanging above the 7th coffin is a tapestry of a man being dragged into the underworld by a host of devils and demons. Etrigan believes that this is the only coffin that matters and to forgo checking any of the other coffins. Before opening the coffin Pankul thought it would be a good idea to make sure the coffin isn’t booby-trapped. He gives it a good once over but somehow missed the pressure switch under the rim of the lid. Once he gave the all clear Etrigan opened the coffin, which activated the pressure switch and triggered the fire trap. A huge ball of fire engulfs the coffin and most of the party burning the 4 people in range of the blast. Once the smoke and flames clear no one is seriously injured and inside the coffin is a ladder leading down into a black abyss. Pankul cracked a sunrod and dropped it down the hole to make sure there were no surprises waiting for the party down there. The party decended down the ladder and found a hallway leading down to a door with flickering firelight peaking under the door. Etrigan decide to blow the door off the hinges with his large dragonborn foot and the party floods into the room. Inside the room they find a group of skeletons surrounding the chalice of light. There standing by the chalice was a bright orange smoldering skeleton and scattered throughout the room were 5 other run down skeletons. After a long hard fought battle the party had dispatched the skeletons and retrieved the chalice to return to Feldwin Keep. On the road back to Feldwin the party was ambushed by a pack of wolves and it looked as though the party was in trouble. Just as the wolves looked as though they were going to attack a large black shadow was cast over everything and both parties stopped to look up to see what was casting the enormous shadow. It was a dragon, perhaps it was the black dragon the other party had been sent out to investigate, as the shadow grew larger and the dragon was getting closer to the ground the wolves attention shifted from the party to the dragon above. With a loud thunderous slam the dragon landed and the ground shook, it was a young white dragon. Almost instantly the wolves were on the dragon and no to long after the wolves attacked they all lay dead, some were bitten clean in half other clawed to death while one was crushed under the weight of a mighty tail slap. Wanting to avoid a battle with such a brutal foe Etrigan decided to try and speak with the beast but to no avail. The dragon wanted no part of his pandering and showed nothing but hostility to the group that was trespassing on his land. They all had to die. The dragon even being wounded attacked the party with great ferocity the battle looked almost insurmountable until Wren the groups wizard was able to put the dragon to sleep and without mercy the party slaughtered the unconscious beast. The party composed itself and resumed its trek to return the chalice before it was too late. Upon arriving they were escorted into the chalice room where the earl eagerly awaited their arrival. The handed the chalice over to him and he began to laugh. A puff of blue flame accompanied by greyish blue smoke enveloped the chalice and it disappeared, the earl then burst into the same blue flame and once the flames subsided the man standing there was not the earl infact it was a goulish looking man, tall and gaunt looking with a twisted expression of malice on his face. “Now there is no stopping my armies of the dead from rising. I have the chalice and I have you 5 to thank for bringing it to me.” Maniacal laughter erupted from the wight and he vanished in a puff of greyish blue smoke. The chalice was lost.

Armies of Feldwin

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